Indian Education System

Indian Education System

Mekkale had said on September 2, 1835 that Indian culture is very old and ancient. Indian peoples are very cultured and civilized. He further said that he had travelled widely in India and he could not find any poor person during his traveling. If we have to rule over India, it is necessary to ruined it cultured heritage, its faith and belief had to be destroyed then and only we can be successful to rule over this country for long term.

After that he started to ruin the Indian Education system and as a result we were ruled by Birtishoners by more than 200 years. Our country was acknowledged in earlier times for its honest peoples and its culture but today peoples had become so selfish that they can do anything just for money. In our Education, we are being taught from childhood how to get numbers only in examination. A child is overburdened with heavy expectations from childhood and could not be able to understand what the responsibility towards country and society is. When the child entered in youth stage then only to earn money become his prime objective with any means. For earning money, youth do anything with greed and by hooks and crooks and even it becomes less important for them who are getting destroyed. In today times, our country is widely destroyed by literate peoples and this loss magnitude is very high. There is only one reason of all these losses is money centred education. Our country had become such great where Eklavya offered his thumb to his Guru on his instruction. The relationship between Guru and Shishya had been always great in India and Guru is being given position one step ahead of God.

Today in our country everything is being sold for money, intentionally that system became continue which was brought by Mekkale. Children are getting mentally weak and this system is ruining their tomorrow. They have become impatient and their tolerance power is getting reduced drastically. They are committing suicide and the reason for this is only current Education System.

Today education has limited to money only. Children got admission by paying hefty donation which is deterrent to the future of next generation. In our country corruption has increased due to fault in current education system. When any one become IAS, Advocate, CA, Doctor and Engg, every one start to think how to generate more and more money at the cost of honesty and Nation.

In ancient time, peoples were come to in our country for study purposes and now it become just opposite. There is no single University in our country which is on top in world. Good people build good country. Education has played significant role in the development of Japan, China and other developed country. Good Education not only creates good values within us but also it makes us true human who can work for the development of country and fruitful to society. It gives us sense what is right and what is wrong. We cultivate habits to raise the button if something gone wrong in our society. What happens in India, if someone got accident, no one helps him and if something is happening to our neighbours, we keep our mouth shut. We always think about only ourselves. We do not think that next number can be of us. We can easily sell our soul only for money that is just because our fundamental of life had been raised with the water of money. Our education does not make ourselves accountable person in world. We just pass the bucks to others and do whatever wrong and after that we justified our wrong thing in the name that “India me sab kuch chalta he”. This “chalta he” attitude we acquire from our childhood.

Good education gives us way to overcome obstacles and how to win the odd situations. It increases our thought process and understanding. One year before I was in Singapore where I see that some children age 18 years were in Army Clothes. When I asked why it is so, some one replied me that in Singapore every child is required to take army training. It is because every child is an asset for Singapore and Government wants that they should come to know what are their responsibilities towards their country and they should get good thoughts for going to next level of their life. Japanese are one step ahead towards their contribution in nation building. Once complete wheat was destroyed in flood in Japan then government asked its citizens that if it will be imported then we have to pay a heavy price in exchange of wheat, what was the reply of Japanese, it was very surprise to Government. Japanese told that we will not eat wheat for one year but will not create problems for our country. That is the effect of good education in thoughts of Japanese. It was reverse in our country when in 1965 heavy flood had destroyed our wheat and we have to import the same by paying huge cost and condition to that importing country. These thoughts do not come all of sudden, these are cultivate since childhood which became helpful for them at the right time for taking good decision in their life. On this plants there are many countries which feels that their children are the assets of their country and these children are given top quality education which.

Our Country had to lose many times due to this education system, many questions arise in our mind why it was not changed but we have no answer. It may be due to our politics which is famous for votes but truth is today is the need of hour to eradicate the fault in our Education system. If we want that our country prosperous and developed, we have to improve the quality of our education so that our peoples can work because today is the foundation of tomorrow.

I had done some research work and found what the fault is in the existing education system and how we can improve that. My thinking is below;

  1. Parents should not overburden their children with their expectations. If you child wants to do something please allow to them to do that. If someone wants to become photographer, there will not be any interest in other field.
  2. We have to cultivate the civic sense in our children since their childhood. For example, how to walk on road, what are the rules of traffic, these should be teach them in depth.
  3. A child is very soft and he will convert himself as per the environment provided to him in his childhood. So good environment should be provided to children at home and school without any bias. The pattern of education should be on observation till 8th standard likewise in our ancient times.
  4. The relationship between teacher and students is one step ahead of God. We have to revive the Guru Shishya tradition.
  5. Education must be practical rather than theoretical and more emphasis should be on practical questions.
  6. Children should be taught at home and in schools that whatever they are doing it is not only for themselves but also to society and country.
  7. Children must be given compulsory training of NDA and Scout so that they can develop the feeling of Nation rather than states.
  8. Irrespective of your religion and belief, they should learn epics of religion which ever they belong to.
  9. All those topics should be removed from syllabus which is irrelevant. What is the benefit to teach Panipat war now.
  10. Logical reasoning should be part of syllabus so that it can be helpful for children during their further study.
  11. The school and college fees should be determined and there should not be any bias to poor children just because their parents are poor.
  12. There should be accountability for Government Teachers.
  13. Teachers teach the future of country, so that there must be quality teachers and more emphasis should be given on quality.
  14. It should be in the books that we are Indian first other last and we are proud of that.
  15. The education must be such so that if something goes wrong, they can press the button and raise the voice against wrong things.

Every child can contribute in our country progress and India can again get that place in the world which was it having earlier, it can be possible to improve the quality of Education.

Thanking You

CA Rajat Gupta
Dated: 13/03/2015

Yoga Is Science, Not Religion.

The United Nations has declared June 21 as International Yoga Day. But there has been so much misinterpretation over the years, creating several doubts among those who are yet unclear as to what yoga is, really. Let us therefore to look first at what yoga is not, so we know exactly what we are celebrating.

Is yoga a system of physical exercise? Is it a religion? Is it belief ingod? Is it about becoming a good or moral person? These are common questions. The answer to all of them is that it is none of the above.

Standing on your head, or twisting your body into all sorts of postures, is not yoga. Yes, there are yogic practices that involve the body. But fundamentally, ‘yoga’ means ‘union’. It means you have begun to experience the universality of who you are. Science proves beyond doubt that the whole of existence is just one energy manifesting in various forms. If this scientific fact becomes a living reality for you, if you begin to experience everything as one, you are in yoga.

Yoga is a science, not a religion. Just as there is a physical science for external wellbeing, yoga is a science for inner wellbeing. Because this science evolved in Indic civilisation -- in the land between the Himalayas and the Indian Ocean -- it was identified over time as being Hindu. But terming it as Hindu is akin to saying the theory of relativity is Jewish! Yoga has nothing to do with any creed or faith.

Does it entail a belief in god? No, it does not. Devotion can be a powerful and effective stepping-stone to your ultimate wellbeing. But devotion works only if you are a childlike person. If yours is a questioning mind, don’t waste your time on devotion. If you happen to arrive at an overwhelming inner experience where your logic falls apart, that is different. Then devotion is natural and it can be explosive. But don’t try to practise devotion. It won’t work.

The question is, are you looking for solace or for a solution? If you want solace, belief in anything is fine; it will settle you psychologically. If you want a solution, that’s different. Yoga is a solution. No belief system is involved. It’s about simply doing what works.

Does yoga entail a value system? No. If you experience yourself as one with everything, you don’t need any values. That is the beauty of yoga. It is an experiential system. If you experience everyone as a part of you, I don’t have to instruct you: ‘Be good to all.’ Once inclusion happens, nobody needs to teach you morals. When you are in yoga, the need to be good has itself disappeared!

This is also the difference between morality and spirituality. Spirituality is not about trying to fix or prescribe values or morals. Prescribing doesn’t work in the long run. Only that which is free will live totally and inclusively. Only that which is free will lasts.

For the first time we have the kind of information technology that allows us to reach out to the wholeworld; we are now connected like never before, at the touch of a button. In this sense, we are more empowered than even Adiyogi, Gautama Buddha or Patanjali! In such information-rich times, the entire planet of 7.2 billion people can be inspired to turn to this profound science of inner wellbeing, by creating awareness of what yoga really is. All those who have been touched and benefited by yoga could make this happen.

The World Is, As You Are

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi often quoted a Rig Veda shloka: richo akshare parame vyoman, which translates as “Knowledge is structured in consciousness.”

Everything we do depends upon the quality of our consciousness. How do you feel on a day when you had a poor night’s sleep? How is your productivity, your mood, your relationships, your appreciation of the environment? Compare that “poor sleep day” to a day when you had a good night’s sleep. How much greater is your appreciation and enjoyment oflife? When our consciousness is sleepy, chaotic, or negative, it impairs everything we do.

Maharishi says: “The quality of experience depends upon the state of one’s consciousness. If the mindis cheerful, everything is found to be cheerful; if the mind is sad and miserable, one’s outlook is gloomy. When the state of Being becomes infused into the nature of the mind during meditation, then this infusion makes the mind divine. When the mind becomes filled with the divine Being, the vision is naturally full and even. It is steady and undistorted by the diversity of life in the world.”

The second Law of Thermodynamics says: As temperature increases, chaos increases. Temperature is analogous to activity. Bring water to a boil: the water becomes visibly agitated, reflecting an increase in activity among the hydrogen and oxygen atoms. The third Law of Thermodynamics says: As temperature decreases, orderliness increases. Put the water in a deep freezer. All the molecules line up in perfect crystals. These laws of physics also apply to us. When we have too much activity, we feel frazzled; we make bad decisions, say wrong things. When we feel more settled and fresh inside, we are more perceptive, happier, and more effective.

During practice of Maharishi's Transcendental Meditation (TM) technique, mental activity settles down, until we experience the mind’s silent depth, completely still and fully awake. This most stable, blissful state of awareness is the basis of material and spiritual success.

When the knower does not fluctuate, then the object of knowledge does not fluctuate. When one’s mind is established in the ‘vacuum state’ (Being), silent and alert, then the knowledge one gains is always correct, useful.

Having valid knowledge is important, because “knowledge has organising power”. Greater knowledge allows you to “do less and accomplish more”. If you need to organise a function, having the contact numbers of the caterer, florist, and others allows you to proceed efficiently. That little bit of knowledge gives you some degree of organising power.

There is a state of consciousness where knowledge is pure, unbounded. Maharishi calls it the state of ‘knowingness’. This is very different from ‘knowing’. ‘Knowing’ is on the surface of the mind: I know this or I know that. ‘Knowingness’ is the silent depth of the mind, awareness by itself, pure. It is like the difference between activity on the surface of the ocean and activity from the depths. A small movement at the depth of an ocean can create huge waves on the surface. Activity from the state of pure awareness brings greater “skill in action” than activity from the surface thinking level. And at the same time it stirs the inner bliss.

Take a pan of water and shake it. As the surface becomes agitated, the reflections become distorted. Let the water become still; all the reflections become so clear. “Knowledge is different in different states of consciousness”. Create a solid foundation of lively inner silence and the outside world spontaneously becomes better. The world is, as you are.

The Way You Begin Impacts Your Future

There is an English proverb, ‘The end justifies the means’. Perhaps, there is another more relevant principle which may be expressed thus: ‘The end justifies the beginning.’ It is the end result that proves whether the beginning was right or wrong.

Many people begin their lives with great enthusiasm. But the latter period of their life has proved that their beginning was not the right one. Their case was a case of miscalculation, rather than one of right calculation. For example, Greek emperor Alexander the Great was a very ambitious person. His goal was to conquer the world. But, his human limitations overcame him and he died at the age of 32 in Babylon, about 3,000 km away from his homeland. The same is true of Adolf Hitler who, likewise an ambitious man, rose to the position of Chancellor of Germany. Then he decided to rule the whole of Europe, for which he initiated a war which escalated into the Second World War. Yet, Hitler could not fulfill his dream, and committed suicide at the age of 56 in a bunker.

There are thousands of such examples. Certain individual start out in life with high hopes, but fail to achieve their goal and then die in a state of frustration. In the beginning they were hopeful, but in the end they died in a state of utter hopelessness.

‘Right here, right now’ is a formula of life that has gained popularity in the present age. This seems to be a beautiful formula. I know a number of persons, both men and women, who have adopted this principle. Although in the beginning they were very happy, in the latter period of their lives they felt that they had been unsuccessful in achieving their goals. Finally, they fell prey to frustration and died of some fatal disease, and in a state where they had lost all hope and enthusiasm.

happiness in the present is not the criterion of success. The right criterion is whether a person is able to maintain his happiness and sense of satisfaction right to the end of his life. The value of a tree is gauged by the fruit that it offers when it has reached the stage of full growth. Similarly, the right formula of life is that which can give a person satisfaction till the end of life, and not just for a temporary period.

A tree is known by its fruit, which is the final phase of the tree’s life. Similarly, the pattern of human life will be judged by what it turns out to be in its final days. Never make the mistake of planning for life by taking only immediate gain into consideration. You should always plan by keeping the future in mind.

An individual should first of all discover his own self and then plan accordingly for his life. People generally set their goals out of zeal, but this is certainly not a mature way of making decisions. The better way to decide one’s goal is to understand the realities of life, and then act in accordance with them. Failure to do so is the main reason for people dying in frustration after having set out full of enthusiasm: when they set themselves goals, it was under the influence of emotions, without due consideration. Such a plan does not work for long. It is like a sandcastle which is destined in the long run to fall apart.

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